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Facing a rapid changing era with massive dynamic information exploding daily for business world, an efficient and productive solution can be a valuable tool to complement the other elements in giving shape to your company of telling how successful your company will be.

Aiming at providing the minimal as a solution for satisfying the basics, but surely not our ultimate goal, we are a dedicated team with rich experiences in this field for years and we are specialized in focusing the development of a more comprehensive document management system to be built as you go …

To name a few, the whole document life cycle with process triggering at different stages, making alert and notification to complete a perfect flow, etc……


Document Management

IPoserDMS is a web-based Document Imaging System, which allows users to access valuable information, anywhere, anytime. Developed in co-operation with other MFP/Hardware manufacturers, users can easily configure a MFP/Hardware device as an A4/A3 high-speed document scanner and digitize your documents into the IPoserDMS system effortlessly. Without any limitation in how the information is updated to the system, the support of mobile devices also provides an easier and convenient method which an user can upload, retrieve and even approve a document on the road ....

DokMee Capture

Dokmee Capture

Dokmee Capture is a Document Capture Software. Improving business processes with no per click charges or limitations sounds almost too good to be true, but with Dokmee Capture it is a reality!

Offering unlimited scanning, automated data capture options, and un-matched reporting and auditing tools, Dokmee Capture is the ideal Document Capture Software for scanning service bureaus, centralized scanning departments within large corporations, or companies looking to convert a large backlog of files.

This is a state of the art solution for streamlining the conversion from paper to searchable electronic files in a manner that saves both time and money.

DokMee Capture
Curtain E-locker document security

Curtain E-locker

Nowadays, many industries are facing many intrinsic and extrinsic data security challenges. Some people are already in the market for certain solutions, while their mechanisms for protecting sensitive and confidential info. are not exactly practical and to say nothing of cost efficiency.

For example scanning, which is utilized by renowned solutions, but this oftentimes causes false alarm. And the bigger question is yet, patterns are set based on what standards? And we certainly don’t have the critical artificial intelligence to perfect those solutions. That’s why File Right Management is more suitable for reaching a wider audience.

Curtain E-locker